Compressing Images to Avoid Huge File Sizes

Did you know that pictures from most digital cameras are gigantic?

When you paste these enormous pictures into your documents, the file size of the document explodes--even if you drag the pictures so that they appear smaller.

Just dragging a picture smaller does NOT change the file size of the picture!

Therefore, your storage space can be unnecessarily devoured by using digital images that have not been compressed!!

Compressing the file size of a picture is easy:

1. Paste the picture into your document.

2. Highlight the picture and look for the Picture Toolbar:

3. If you don't see the Picture Toolbar floating on the screen somewhere, right click on your digital picture and choose "Show Picture Toolbar."

4. On the Picture Toolbar, click the "Compress Pictures" icon, which looks like this: (Make sure the picture is highlighted when you click the button.)

That’s it!

Now when you save your document, the file size of the document will not be huge, freeing up more space and making opening and closing the file a snap.