The Bulldog Times Style Sheet

What to Capitalize in Article Titles:

Capitalize All Words in an Article Title EXCEPT:

Articles (a, an, & the)

Small prepositions (small = four letters or less)

Small conjunctions (small = four letters or less)

For other parts of speech, it doesn't matter how small the word is, CAPITALIZE it!

And, of course, always capitalize the first letter of the first word, no matter what word it is


Font Style/Sizes:

Choose a plain font, like Arial or Times New Roman - do NOT use a fancy, script-looking font!

article titles

font size = at least 24 to 36

consider using WordArt - it really makes your article title stand out, and it's easier to manipulate

bylines (By Mary Lynn, By Joe Shmo, etc)

font size = 14

capitalize the "B" in "By"

do not use a colon after "by"

source (source:, etc.)

font size = 9-10

(do put a colon after "source")

main text of articles

font size = 9-11

Paragraph Indentions:

tab in once, or use seven spaces

Mazes/Word Searches and Similar Puzzles:

must be smaller than 1/4 of a page