What to Write About

Report on something going on around the school (new people, the schedule, new stuff, etc.)

Give an outlook of an upcoming sports season.

Report on an upcoming school event (sports, student council, etc.)

Give an update on a sports team—a school team or a pro team


What are some current trends in fashion, sports, entertainment, etc?

Write your opinion about something going on at school—peer pressure, fashions, the new schedule, a favorite class, an upcoming event, etc.

Write about a personal interest of yours—a hobby or just something you think is really cool.

Put together some jokes or a puzzle.

Make a “top ten” list.

Write about something really weird.

Have you taken a trip recently? Write about it!

Give some advice—sports advice, advice about friends, advice about school, shopping advice, etc.

Anything crazy happen to you or your family lately? Write about it!

Do a profile of a famous person or someone around school—when and where were they born? What do they do in their spare time? Etc.

What’s going on in the world of sports? Pick a topic and write about it.

Praise someone or something.

Criticize something in the world (within reason!)

What do you think about some of the controversial issues in the news like the death penalty, abortion, smoking, handguns, crime, the price of gas, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, etc?

Have you read a good book or seen a good movie lately? Write about it!

Is there something that really bothers you? Write about it!

How has The Bolles School/the Bartram Campus changed? What do you like or dislike about the changes?

Any crazy pet stories to tell us about? Write about it!

What are you looking forward to? Write about it!

Have you read a bad book or seen a bad movie lately? Write about it!

What do you like to do when you have free time? Write about it!

What are your favorite foods? Write about them!

What kinds of music do you like/dislike? Write about it!

Write a bio on your favorite actor/athlete.

Explain your view on some current event.

Explain your view on some school rule—does something need to be changed?

What improvements do we need to make around here?

What are the best things about Bartram/Bolles?

Write about a hobby/interest/food.

Describe an odd experience you’ve had.

What's the ideal cafeteria lunch?

Describe the ideal school day.

Describe the worst possible school day.

Create a super teacher with all the best characteristics a teacher should have.

Are your parents cool or not?

What’s the best/worst thing about brothers and/or sisters?

What are the best tv shows/movies?

How do you cope with cold weather in the school uniform?

What's the best place to live/the best thing to do in Jacksonville?

Student Council update

Profile a student or teacher with an interesting or impressive hobby, background, skill, etc.

Report on an upper school issue/happening/sport/student/etc.

Write about a school issue, such as:

  • uniforms
  • Dean’s office news/issues
  • exams
  • cafeteria issues
  • class trips
  • hazing/bullying
  • electives
  • recess
  • computer usage
  • homework

Write an advice column.

Display/discuss some student artwork.

Describe an interesting project going on in one of your classes.