Mr. Gieson: Teacher and Father

by Adriana Ray, Class of 2011

Our teacher, Mr. Gieson, has worked at Bolles since August, 2001. In addition to being in charge of the school newspaper class, he teaches English to 6th and 8th grade students and coaches the school's softball team.

The newspaper is called The Bulldog Times. During 8th period, Mr. Gieson edits articles written by the BT staff and assigns "layouts" for the students. "Layouts" are how the articles are arranged on a page of the newspaper. This is a long process that takes a few weeks to finish. The grades are based on how many articles you write, what kind of article it is, and how good it is.

Mr. Gieson is mainly known for two things. First, he is known for his crazy room which has newspaper clipping, magazine pictures, posters, computer printouts, pictures drawn by students, and poems written by students. You can barely see the walls! The second thing he's known for is his good sense of humor. He is alway cracking jokes and making us laugh. I remember the first day of 6th grade. He did impressions of crazy students. It was hilarious!

I'm sorry ladies, Mr. Gieson is married. He has two beautiful children that are 3 and 5. His wife teaches at Bolles, too--she is one of the fifth grade teachers at Bolles' Whitehurst Campus. If you go over by his desk, you can see some of his kids' artwork. It is impressive.